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Who I am


I am an experienced and driven chartered Safety and Health Professional with a passion to Transform Safety Cultures. I hold a Master’s Degree in Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Risk Management and have international experience in a range of industries including construction, government, military and oil and gas among others. My unique professional experience stems from years of consulting and leading successful Health and Safety teams, using my skills to influence people, businesses and organisations on both front line and senior leadership level 


Why we do this


The Safety Improvement Group is passionate about transforming safety cultures and by doing so influence better outcomes for peoples Health, Safety and Wellbeing.  

What is the Safety Improvement Group


The Safety Improvement Group believe that Safety Cultures are transformed by Leadership, Worker Engagement and Sensible Risk Management. It is the mission of The Safety Improvement Group to embed Safety into business practice and to power safety cultures by means of pragmatic solutions. 

Heinrich Havemann -
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Professional 
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